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Tried and True Roofing is focused around providing uncompromised personalized service to all our customers. We serve our customers with relentless and intentional service through our values of honesty, integrity, and reliability.

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We provide many services for our customers both in the residential and commercial world. These services include:

  1. Roof Repair
  2. Roof Replacement
  3. Gutters

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Local Roofing Contractors That Care

Tried & True understands how important it is to handle roofing issues swiftly in order to return your home back to normal as soon as possible. That’s why our roofing company is pleased to provide emergency roof repairs at a fair price in Colorado. When your roof sustains damage from outdoor elements, don’t hesitate to contact our contractors. We take urgent matters seriously and will prioritize you and your family’s safety above all else.

We are considered one of the best roofing contractors that serve Denver, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins CO. Homeowners and business owners alike consider us a reliable, trusted, and affordable local roofing company for residential as well as commercial roofing, sheet metal, and gutter repair and replacement.

For roofing emergency service, call Tried & True ASAP!


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Residential Roofing

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Our 6 Step Roofing Process

Here at Tried and True Roofing we care about our products, our customers, and about the work we do!  This is a breakdown of our process that gives you a general idea of how we work.

Step 1 - Inspection

Our contractors will inspect your roof for FREE! If there is severe damage we will help you file a claim.

Step 2 - File Claim

We will contact the insurance company to get an appraisal. The insurance adjuster usually reaches out to us within 72 hours.

Step 3 - Get An Estimate

We will go through the insurance adjuster to assess all of the damage and prepare an accurate estimate for the cost of repair or replacement.

Step 4 - Prepare Job

We will prepare for the install of a new roof to protect your home as needed before we start any work!

Step 5 - Complete Job

We will install the new roof to complete the job with care and precision.

Step 6 - Customer Satisfaction and Cleanup

Once the work is complete we make sure to clean up and leave your home the way it should be. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

How To Choose a Local Roofing Company In Denver Colorado

Deciding on a roofing company to provide roof repairs or a roof replacement is an important decision. Below are three tips to help you make the right decision.

  1. Insurance – Finding a roofing company that is insured is important and pivotal so you are covered! You can check this by asking for their insurance certificate. You can than call their agent and check if the insurance is active.
  2. Licensed – When choosing your roofing company, you can make sure they are licensed to operate in your state. This ensures that they are qualified and legally able to do the job. To do this you can ask for their license number and contact the state contractor’s board. The Colorado licensing boards number is 720-865-2770.
  3. Testimonials – Reviews and testimonials say a lot about a company and their work. There are many different sources to check for reviews including Google, BBB, video testimonials, and Facebook. You can also ask your contractor for a list of past customers that you can get in contact with.

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