The dangers of a leaking roof

The Dangers of a Leaky Roof

A leak in your roof is an eyesore and an annoyance, but many don’t know just how high the stakes are. Your roof, the rest of your property, your finances, and the safety of anyone in the building are at risk.

As your local expert in commercial roofing repair in Denver, Colorado, we’re here to paint a full picture of how important repairing a leak is. Below, we discuss the five most common dangers, and how commercial roofing companies in Denver can help you. 

1. Mold, Mildew, and Pests

All of these will gravitate toward the consistently cold, damp environment provided by a roof leak. Once you have any sort of infestation, it will build up quickly, eating away at your property and posing health risks for anyone in the building. Once established, it’s extremely difficult to kick these unwelcome guests out. 

The best method is to prevent them from showing up in the first place with the help of reliable contractors offering metal roofing in Denver

  1. Slippery Ground 

A leak left unattended can create a puddle on the floor, which is all too easy to miss until it’s too late. Any fall can be dangerous, especially if the individual is older or has any medical conditions.

This is why it’s so important to find quality roof repair in Denver, Colorado, quickly, as an investment in the safety of everyone who uses your commercial building.

  1. Damage to the Structure

A key issue with poorly maintained commercial roofing in Denver is that small leaks seep through into the walls and run down to the floor, damaging the wider structure.

The next thing you know, a piece of your roof has collapsed. Leaks spread quickly, and this year’s minor leak can easily become next year’s full roof replacement. Not news anyone wants to get in these trying times. 

Let Denver commercial roofing companies help you keep this nightmare situation from becoming a reality. 

  1. Increased Bills 

If your insulation is soaked through, it will no longer be the shield from extreme temperatures it’s supposed to be. This flaw in the system will force your HVAC system to work overtime to compensate for it, which will catapult your energy bills, especially during especially cold or hot months. 

Seek roof repair in Denver, Colorado, to save yourself untold amounts of money in the long run.

  1. Fire and Electrical Hazards

This is the most dangerous threat of all, but a very real one that commercial roofing companies in Denver are always working to prevent. 

Few combinations are worse than that of water and electricity.  At best, your power could go out, which would cost you a lot of money to fix. At worst, water could spill onto an electrical cord, leading to a fire, which is the worst-case scenario for a business owner. 

Your property could depend on one phone call with Denver commercial roofing companies – get it checked!

Getting It Sorted

Leaks are one of the most underestimated threats to property, and one can quickly become many.

This is why roofing repair in Denver, CO, cannot be put off. As soon as you see any signs, let our contractors be your next call!